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Quicky Socks (english pattern)

My Quicky Sock`s, Toe-up Sock`s

by Stefanie Bettmann, all rights reserved

On request there is now the instructions in English. Auf Wunsch gibt es jetzt die Anleitung auf englisch.

This is an instruction how you can easily knit your sock.
This socks get knit without a heel.
Autumn is here and the feet get cold again. You would like to knit yourself some socks but you find it difficult to knit the heel?
Thanks to my easy instructions you can do it without the heel!
The socks are knitted from the tip. The heel shape is created by a few very simple increases and decreases.
This toe I also knitted differently from the usual toe. My sock tip adapts to the toes.

What you need:
100g Sockyarn (I took 4ply)
5 Double-point needle (2,5mm)

What you should be able to do:

kfb = knit into front and back of next stich
M = Make, knit 1 stich out of the transverse thread of the previous row
kpk =knit, purl, knit
k2tog = knit 2 stiches together
All information for shoesize 39/40. Other size can be found in my size table.

We start at the toe
That`s how the toe looks from above.
  1. Casting on 6 st on two needles ( 12 stich ) (see video)
  2. K 1 round
  3. kfb (knit in front and backof next stich)(the first st from needle one)
  4. knit two st
  5. kfb
  6. knit two st
  7. Begin with 2 st / needle two
  8. kfb,
  9. knit two st
  10. End of needle kfb
  11. K 1 round 
  12. kfb
  13. knit 3 stich
  14. put a new needle (N2)and kfb
  15. knit 3 stich
  16. knit 3 stich on needle 3 (befor N2)
  17. kfb
  18. put a new needle (N4), knit 3 stich on needle 4 
  19. kfb
and so on. Do this till you  got as many st as you need on every needle. Look to the picture.
Now knit till you get to the heel.

This is the video to make the toe

The heel (Step1), gusset

The heel with gusset

  1. Knit over N1 and N2
  2. N3: knit 2 stich, M one stich, knit to end of needle
  3. N4: knit till last 2 stich on needle, before last 2 stich M one stich
  4. Repeat as long as said in the table
  5. K 3 rounds 
Heel (Step1)
The heel (Step2)
  1. Knit N1
  2. Knit N2
  3. Divide your st of N3 and N4 through 2
  4. Now you know how many decreases you must do on N3. Place a marker here.
  5. SKP= slip one, knit one, passslip stich over
  6. knit to end of N3
  7. N4: knit to 2 st before the middle
  8. knit 2 togheter
  9. Placemarker
  10. knit to end of needle
  11. knit one round
Decrease every secound round at N3 after the marker, at N4 before the marker.

At the end you should have the same amount of st as before.

Thanks to my daughter for the translation !
The Video is ready of 
Heel (Step2)

The Heel

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